Monday, November 2, 2015

DIY Star-Lord Mask

For Halloween this year I made Star-Lord's mask (from Guardians of the Galaxy) out of cardboard based on a youtube tutorial I saw from youtube user Dali-Lomo. To see more of it click this link to my Halloween blog http://halloweenworks

Also to see the tutorial made by Dali Lomo click this link


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Recent Projects

It's been a long time since I posted and I haven't been working on many of my usual creative projects very often either, but I figured I could finally take some time to show some photos of the few things the wrightworks brothers have made in the past few months.

This is an optimus prime figure that I made out of foam just as a fun side project. He is similar to the movie version of optimus that I made a while back, also with foam, but this G1 Optimus is a bit smaller, around 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall. He has wire threaded through his limbs for poseability and I painted him with some shiny metallic paint.

Next is a character that I think may be one of my best foam marvel miniatures yet; it is Kurse, based on his look in the movie Thor: the Dark World. I put a ton of detail into his look using lots of paints and paper pieces to give him a unique texture. This is also the same character I made a prosthetic mask of for halloween last year.

Here he is next to Malekith, his partner in villainy

Since Kurse is meant to have a charred or burned texture and color scheme I thought it would be cool to take some pictures of him in the ashes of this fire pit outside.

Next are some characters that took a while to make, General Zod and his fellow Kryptonian villains Faora and Nam-Ek, all from the movie Man of Steel. The three of them are also made with an extreme amount of detail which was accomplished by cutting out many tiny pieces of paper to create the jagged armor plates that they wear. The transluscent helmets that Zod and Faora wear are made from dried Elmers craft glue and they are removable.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy!

I said I was making these guys months ago, which is true, but I ended up never getting a chance to photograph them and make a post until now. So Now I am very happy to present the Wrightworks Guardians of the Galaxy, in miniature form! I'm still an amateur photoshopper, but I think I got the backgrounds to look ok.

I do not claim ownership of the background images; they are stock photos I found on Google images

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Justice League Thanksgiving

Last year I posted a Thanksgiving greeting from the Marvel superheroes, so this time, to do something different I decided to photograph the Justice League's turkey dinner. Most of these mini figures are fairly new so I haven't posted pictures of all of them before, but hopefully I will post some more in the future.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

HalloweenWorks update

Check out the halloween mask I finished from last year of Kurse, from Thor the Dark World, on my other blog Halloweenworks! (click the link below)

                                               kurse halloween mask

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Projects

Ever since April, when Captain America 2 came out, my brother and I have been busy working on more and more miniature superheroes from the many summer movies of the year. I haven't gotten a chance to post pictures of the new characters we've been working on until now even though many of them were finished a while ago. So first up is Spiderman, whose new movie"The Amazing Spiderman 2" came out at the beginning of May this summer. However, if you are a common visitor to this blog and pay close attention to detail (congrats to the very few people who fit this description!), you may have noticed that there is a different spiderman minifigure in various other photos I have posted. This is because Spiderman is one of the characters that we Wrightworkers have made the most versions of over the years and are constantly trying to improve. Anyway, the Spiderman featured in these pictures is based on his appearance in the new movie (his costume and the web swinging visuals were my favorite aspects of the movie) and I was very pleased with the quality this figure turned out to have. So for these photos I decided to get creative and used some cutouts of city building photographs that I had. I was going for a realistic look with these and I think I achieved what I was going for, but hey, I'm no expert photographer. Enough rambling though, just look at the pictures!

The next character we made was Electro, who is the villain in the new Spiderman movie. I learned that light blue is not an easy color to photograph so it's a bit hard to see his face. I touched it up in photoshop which improved it slightly.

the next on is an image based on a movie poster featuring spiderman and electro. Obviously it's a bit dark but it does look similar to the official image which I have put on the right for comparison.

The next superhero movie of the summer was "Xmen Days of Future Past". Though I would like to make several more characters from that movie, the only one we have made so far is Magneto, who is a villain in the film. There he is in this photo below.

The next character is another Xmen villain, named Juggernaut. Though he is not in the new movie, i still wanted to make the character, so I based him off of a combination of appearances in videogames and the comic books. I should have included a photo of him next to another character so you could see that he is larger than all the other characters we have made. Because of his larger size, I made him out of a softer foam that was all dark blue, so I also had to paint all of the color on him. The character is known for his large, dome shaped helmet which I chose to make out of paper. It didn't turn out as round as I wanted it to be but i suppose I can always improve it later on If I think of a better method to use.

The last character I have pictures of is one that I actually started working on a year ago when the movie Man Of Steel came out, but he ended up becoming a delayed project that I was reluctant to work on due to his great detail. The character is General Zod, who faced off against Superman as the movie's powerful antagonist. he may have taken a long time for me to make, but that time paid off because I would dare say he is one of the best foam minifigures I have ever made due to his quality and intense detail. Unfortunately I only have one photo as of now but I will undoubtably be doing more photoshoots with him in the near future.

Thats all I have for now, but our current projects are characters from "Guardians of the Galaxy" which is the newest Marvel movie of the year and comes out this Friday, so I will try to post pictures of them very soon!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just a little more Captain America!

Well, two months after the movie release of Captain America the Winter Soldier, I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the last of our miniature figure movie characters. First of all I have made a fan art poster for the movie with all of our figures in it, based on the actual posters for the movie, Which in my opinion are some of the coolest marvel movie posters I've seen in a while. Then I have included the last two characters from the movie, Cap's female co-star Black Widow, as well as the French mercenary villain Batroc (the Leaper)- as he is known in the comics.

This is my poster above, I put it all together in photoshop, each character was photographed separately in order for the camera to focus on their details. Obviously Im not a professional photoshopper but I think it looks decent. 
Characters from left to right: Batroc, Nick Fury, Winter Soldier, Captain America, Crossbones, Black Widow, and Falcon

And this is one of the official movie posters. I wanted to include all the characters instead of just the five seen here, and also I didn't have any miniature aircraft or explosions to include but oh well.

I thought Black Widow's character poster had the coolest look and I tried to use the same type of sky background for mine. 

 It is probably not noticeable to anyone but me and my brother, but the Black Widow miniature that we made is actually based on her Avengers outfit which varies slightly from in this movie (most notably her hair style). The point is that we actually made this figure about a year ago so she is not new like the rest of the characters. (The same goes for Nick Fury in my poster above) Anyway I still needed to take some pictures of her anyway, maybe we will make a new version when the Avengers 2 comes out.

And finally there is Batroc, who is a brand new figure made by the Wrightworkers. In the movie he has a unique fighting style involving kicking and acrobatic jumping- hence the name "the Leaper" so I tried to show some of that in this little fight scene between him and Cap below.

So thats it for my Captain America the Winter Soldier blog posting, next up, I will be showing some Amazing Spiderman 2 movie miniatures! and the summer movie season continues...